Magisk Manager v5.5.3

Advanced Android users are likely to be familiar with this app and its achievements. Magisk Manager v5.5.3 is an authentic systemless rooting program created by Topjohnwu for download. If you want to root any Android smartphone utilizing a Systemless rooting method, this is the best program to use. This post covered all of the many versions of the Magisk rooting application, including Magisk Manager. If you are entirely familiar with Magisk and its installation procedures, you may go to the Magisk Flashable ZIP and Magiks Manager APK Downloads sections without any delay.


What is the Magisk?

  1. One of the essential features of an unlocked Android smartphone is acquiring administrative or system-level access. You may think of it as “rooting” your phone or tablet. Previously, individuals would utilize SuperSu to root their smartphones. However, the problem was that it directly changed the system partition. For a while, this worked perfectly until Google introduced the SafetyNet feature. Because of this, modifying your device’s system partition will cause the SafetyNet check to fail. You will be unable to utilize the vast majority of the applications on your device.
  2. It’s where Magisk came in. Developed by topjohnwu, Magisk is a ZIP file that can use to root your phone “system-free.” That is, it does not make any modifications to your system’s data partition. In the computer’s boot partition, save the changes. The effect of this is that when Google checks for a SafetyNet trip, your device will pass the test with flying colors. Magisk is the ideal technique for rooting an Android smartphone because of this.

Magisk Manager Download

What is the Magisk Manager?

  1. In contrast to Magisk, a ZIP file that can flash, Magisk Manager is an APK file that can be installed on any Android device, whether it is rooted or not. There is a slew of reasons why you should make use of this application. Starting with the fact that if your device does not have a functional TWRP Recovery, you will be unable to utilize the Magisk ZIP. The Magisk Manager will become the only method of rooting your smartphone.
  2. Furthermore, it offers a rooted device with an interface to connect with programs that need root access to function properly. Furthermore, many Magisk Modules are available for download and installation directly from this app. It’s also possible to unroot your smartphone using the app if necessary. Whether or not your device supports the Magisk ZIP Installer, Magisk Manager is an essential must-have for anybody who wants to root their smartphone.

Features of Magisk Manager v5.5.3

  1. With Magisk, you can root Android without touching the system partition or changing the boot partition. Other popular rooting techniques like KingRoot and Zroot don’t work this way. They even put bloatware and spyware on our phones. Another excellent reason to cheer for
  2. Android using Magisk So, let us now get into the specifics of the Magisk Features.
  3. Free & Open-Source

  4. Magisk is a piece of software that comes under the FOSS (free and open-source software) category. Anyone from anywhere globally may root their Android device with Magisk for free.
  5. Magic Mount

  6. The essential characteristic distinguishes Magisk as the #1 best method to root Android smartphones. The reason for this is because magick offers a Systemless Interface, which allows you to change the system (or vendor) at your discretion while the actual partitions remain intact.
  7. MagiskSU

  8. MagiskSu is the primary feature that enables magisk to function as a straightforward root solution. It also helps magisk meet SuperSU standards, and the developer feels good about it as a bonus.
  9. MagiskHide

  10. A significant number of applications have lately begun requiring device rooting and modification verification to function. So, to get around them. It’s another fantastic feature. It enables users to conceal the device’s root status from particular services.

Why is Magisk so important?

  1. Google SafetyNet is the primary reason many users choose this program over other rooting techniques like SuperSU, Kingoroot, etc. Google’s SafetyNet detects tampering and prevents applications like Google Play, Netflix, and Pokemon GO from running correctly. Unlike SuperSU, Magisk can entirely conceal root from an app. If you’re rooted, you can hide the root from an app like banking or Pokemon Go.

Magisk Modules

  1. Like Xposed Installer, Magisk includes modules that users may install and utilize. Several modules are available, including Busy Box Installer, AdBlock, Action Launcher, and many more. Installing a module is straightforward; all required is to pick the module and press the install button.

What is Rooting?

  1. Rooting your phone is essentially permitting oneself to access functionality on your phone that would otherwise be restricted by your carrier or the manufacturer of the phone itself. Several programs need root rights to access. You may also use a screen recorder. Specific applications may be rooted to enhance battery life, make in-app purchases accessible, or even overclock your phone’s CPU. In summary, a goldmine of applications and a chance to improve your phone.

How To Download Magisk Manager v5.5.3

  1. You can download the Magisk Manager v5.5.3 version. Click on the server of your choice to pick up and download the tool. Below are three buttons to download the Magisk Manager v5.5.3 .
  2. .
  3. File Name: MagiskManager_v5.5.3 .zip
    File Size: 2.4MB
    Extension: ZIP
    How to Use: Follow Tutorial 
    How to Download: See Example


  1. File Name: MagiskManager_v5.5.3 .APK
    File Size: 2.4MB
    Extension: APK
    How to Use: Follow Tutorial 
    How to Download: See Example

Magisk’s advantages:

  1. There are several advantages to rooting your cellphone with Magisk. The first is that it does not modify your device’s /system partition. Consequently, SafetyNet will not be triggered, and applications such as Google Pay and Pokemon GO will continue to function as expected without any issues. Everything else is OK. Some applications will not function properly on a rooted smartphone. Alternatively, you might take advantage of the Magisk Hide capability. Apps you choose will no longer see the root of your device and will behave as if you had a non-rooted device.


  1. Only Android versions 4.2 and above are supported. Nowadays, most users use Android 5.0 or above smartphones, with just a minimal number (literally none) still utilizing Gingerbread handsets. I don’t believe it is a significant issue.
  2. Magisk only supports booting from a Gzip compressed file. The image has not been compressed using lz4.


  1. When it comes to the elements of a Safetynet check, Magic Mask is the most viable option to the Chainfire’s Supersu. The most significant benefit is that you may run programs that are not compatible with rooted devices, as well as the Google Safetynet check.

MagiskSU Latest Version – Changelog

  1. Used SU Commands to correct all faults.
  2. Access to Super User privileges has been improved.
  3. Flash Fire’s Black Screen Error has been resolved.
  4. Utilizing both the MagiskSU and SuperSU applications is possible without deleting either.
  5. Utilizing both the MagiskSU and SuperSU applications is possible without deleting either.
  6. It is capable of functioning as a stand-alone script.
  7. The amount of communication between Magisk root APK has risen.
  8. The ability has been improved to be compatible with all prop changes.
  9. Replacing symlinks has the same effect as creating new files.

How to Install Magisk Manager v5.5.3 APK?

  1. Preparations

  2. Installing MagiskSU on your smartphone requires you to boot into TWRP Recovery mode.
  3. Gather Bootloader with Unlock Codes.
  4. Uninstall all of the device’s root packages.
  5. Return the boot image to its original condition.
  6. Required more than 60% of battery capacity.
  7. How to Proceed

  8. Download the MagiskSU download Rooting program from the above-mentioned direct URL and install it on your Windows PC.
  9. Will then boot the device into Recovery mode.
  10. Make a tremendous android backup of your smart device to ensure that you don’t lose any information.
  11. After you’ve finished the flashing operation, restart your device.
  12. Restart the smart kit, then visit our website and download the Magisk Manager APK file from there.
  13. Installing the MagiskSU download APK file on your smart device is straightforward.
  14. If anything goes wrong, the program will produce an immediate backup image file in the directory/data/stock boo sha1>.img. X may restore that.
  15. After a short period, the program will complete the Rooting process.

The way to uninstall MagiskSU

  1. Magisk Uninstaller is available for download.
  2. TWRP Recovery mode will be launched after the system is booted.
  3. TWRP mode is used to flash an Android system.
  4. After flashing the OS, it will delete the Magisk Manager APK on your smartphone.

More About Magisk Manager v5.5.3 APK

  1. It’s a great software that can root any Android smartphone. While other apps may help you get SuperUser access on your Android phone, Magisk Manager download works on all devices. If a user has already installed SuperSU and does not wish to delete it, they may utilize it without deleting any programs. If you’ve been looking for a better app to root your phone, now is your chance. Root any Android device using the free Magisk Manager v5.5.3 APK Rooting tool.


Is the Magisk Manager v5.5.3 for iPhones available for free?

  1. Yes. topjohnwu provides the tool, and you do not have to pay anything to utilize it on your PCs. No upfront or in-app purchases are required to eliminate advertising or unlock extra features. In addition, there is no advertising in the show. It’s free and clean.

Is it safe to use the Magisk Manager for Computers?

  1. Yes. The Magisk Manager is entirely secure for your PC, laptop, and mobile devices. There is no harmful code in the software, and it is suitable for users of all ages.

How often is the Magisk Manager updated?

  1. Magisk Manager does not have a timetable or timeline for updating the Magisk Manager. Updates are released to fix issues and improve performance. TOPJOHNWU keeps you updated

Do you need an internet connection to use the Magisk Manager?

  1. No, using the tool for Mobile Phones on your computer/laptop does not necessitate an active internet connection.

Important Notes!

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