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FRP Bypass APK Android 5 to 13

FRP Bypass Apk

On this page, we have given FRP Bypass APK. You can unlock Google account lock from Android 5.1 to Android 13 and the latest version, You will get a direct link to download APK apps such as Google Account Manager, Alliance-Shield, vnROM Bypass, Quick Shortcut Maker, Launcher, Test DPC, File Manager app, etc.

FRP Bypass APK File


Here are some key features of FRP Bypass APKs:

Google Account Bypass:

FRP bypass files are mainly used to bypass Google accounts. After resetting the device, this file helps them regain access to their Android device without logging into their previous Google account.

Easy to use:

This is a user-friendly application. Users can easily use this app because this file has clear instructions.


FRP bypass-making tools for bypassing FRP on various smartphones and tablets Because it is compatible with a wide range of Android devices.

No computer is required.

Some FRP bypass files do not need a computer for the bypass. So it will be very grateful for users who don’t have access to a PC.


FRP Bypass apps are free, so it’s a benefit for users.

Quick Bypass:

This is a user-friendly file, and that’s why users can bypass it easily and quickly. So users can save their time and effort.

No Risk:

The FRP Bypass File is a risk-free application. Our team tested this app personally.

Type of FRP bypass APK

Google Account Manager:

Google Account Manager will manage your Google account for Android and provide you access to most of Google’s services. After launching this app, you need to set your password and email address for verification, and then pick a verification method.  Usually, you can use a single account for a single smartphone, but this program will add another account.

Quick Shortcut Maker:

Shortcut Maker will help you find any software. It especially helps to identify any app.

vnROM Bypass APK:

vnROM APK app is a user-friendly application that was developed to unlock the Google Account lock on any Android phone without using a personal computer. If you don’t want to use the FRP tool, then the vnROM FRP APK will help you unlock your Google account lock quickly and easily.


Alliance Shield X APK offers the most advanced features and services for managing Android devices.


You can quickly erase your Android phone’s Google account with this application. This is the main work of this application. Technocare supports Android 11, 12, and 13.

Google Settings Shortcut:

The Google Settings Shortcut is used on devices with Android 4 and above.

Google Search app

Google created the Google Search app. The Google Search app is an important feature. The Google Search app has a voice search. It makes anything very easy to find.

Direct-Set Screen Locks

“Direct-set screen locks” are used on a smartphone to set a screen lock directly. It is used to lock your phone directly while bypassing. PIN, password, or even pattern lock.

File Manager App

If your phone is FRP-locked, you can’t access your file manager, but from here, you can open the File Manager App and install downloaded apps.


You can open settings from this site; you can go to your phone settings even if the FRP is locked.


To bypass some phones, many times it is necessary to go to YouTube, enter YouTube through the voice search engine, and then go to settings and enter the Chrome browser.

Notification Bar

The notification bar is very important during bypass, but you can’t go to the notification bar while locked; you need to open the notification bar from this site.

iOS Launcher (Galaxy Store)

The iOS Launcher uses a Samsung smartphone device. You can open the iOS Launcher from this post.

Menu Button

You can easily access any menu and exit menu by clicking the menu button, downloading it from our site, and using it easily.

How to use FRP Bypass APK

  1. First, you need to download the FRP Bypass APK’s latest version.
  2. In this step, you need to open the File Manager.
  3. Then find the APK app that you downloaded.
  4. Then you need to install and open the APK.
  5. After installing this app, you need to go back into the device browser.
  6. After coming back to our site, click on Open Settings.
  7. After clicking on open settings, you will be taken to device settings.
  8. Then you need to select System Settings.
  9. After going to System Settings, you have to click on the Backup & Reset option.
  10. Then select Reset System and confirm.
  11. In this step, you need to select Erase All Data.
  12. After selecting Confirm Erase Data, your device will be rebooted.
  13. Then wait 4-6 minutes (the time may be less or more depending on the phone).
  14. After that, your phone will turn on automatically.
  15. In this step, you need to properly set up your phone.

If you do everything right, after completing these steps, your phone’s FRP will be unlocked.


If you do not have legal access, please don’t use this FRP bypass; in some cases, it will be illegal. So use the FRP apps on devices for which you have the legal right.

Readme Once:

Virus Status: Before uploading the FRP Bypass apps, we checked it with Kaspersky Antivirus, so don’t worry about it.
FRP Reset File: If you need an FRP Reset File, please check our latest FRP File.
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