frpfile/bypass FRP Bypass APK 2024

On the page, All APKs uploaded to Bypass FRP Google Account 2024 include Alliance-Shield, Quick Shortcut Maker, Test DPC, Google Account Manager, FRP Bypass APK, File Manager APK, Launcher APK, vnROM Bypass APK, etc.

FRP bypass APK file is a short, essential, and free Android application primarily used to ease the process of unlocking FRP Google Account Gmail lock verification from Android phones.
If you’re concerned about flashing or don’t want to use the FRP bypass tool, follow these easy procedures and the recommendations. The newest version of the Download frp bypass google account app Android 11/12/13 will assist you in unlocking the FRP lock on your smartphone using the Browser Sign-In option without needing a computer.

What is the FRP bypass APK app?

Google FRP prevents the information from being taken from mobile devices during a theft or hacking attempt. Will lock Odin’s frp bypass file. If a user repeatedly attempts a factory reset or enters an incorrect Google account password, their device enters the correct account password. However, it may also lock if you’ve forgotten your password and attempted to open it too many times.

FRP Bypass APK File

How To Download frpfile/bypass?

On the direct server, all frp google account bypass and flashing tool have been uploaded. Below are all the download links. Only when you click the download button will the frp bypass file be downloaded at full speed from the direct server.

Samsung-Galaxy-App-StoreGalaxy Apps Store

Google-Search-AppGoogle Search app 

Set Screen LocksDirect Set Screen Locks 


Open-My-File-AppOpen File Manager App

Android Hidden Setting


VnRom Bypass APKvmROM bypass.apk

Alliance-Shield-X-ApkAlliance Shield at Galaxy Store



Package Disabler ProDisable_PlayServices_-_Copy.xml

Package Disabler ProPackage Disabler Pro.Apk

Notification Bar apkNotification Bar.APK 

ES File ExploreEs File Explore (Galaxy Store) 

File Shortcut (Galaxy Store)File Shortcut (Galaxy Store) 

Package Disabler ProDirect Open Disabler Pro

Xshare App (Galaxy Store)Xshare App (Galaxy Store)

iOS Launcher (Galaxy Store)iOS Launcher (Galaxy Store)

Alliance-Shield-X-ApkAlliance Shield

Google Account Manager 10.apk

Google Account Manager v9.0.apk

Google Account Manager 8.1.apk

Google Account Manager 8.apk

Google Account Manager 6.apk

Google Account Manager 5.apk

DevelopMent-SettingGoogle Setting.apk

DevelopMent-Setting Development setting.apk

Quick Shortcut Maker.apk latestQuick Shortcut Maker.apk

FRP Android 7.apk

FRP-Bypass-Romstage FRP.apk 

Tecno-Care-TrickTechnocare .apk

FRP-Bypass-FRP Bypass.apk New

FRP-Bypass-FRP Bypass.apk Old

Test-DPCTEST DPC 4.0.5.apk

Test-DPCTest DPC.apk

Apex-Launcher3Apex Launcher.apk

Nova Launcher apkNova_Launcher.APK

Super S9 Launcher for Galaxy v6.0.1.apk

Menu-ButtonMenu Button.apk

ES File ExploreES File Explorer.apk

Settings App apkSetting.apk

File Commander Manager apkFile Commander Manager.apk

Phone Clone apkPhone Clone.apk

Smart-Switch-Mobile apkSmart Switch Mobile.apk


Hush SMS.apk


Is it safe to use FRP Bypass APK?

Yes, all of the Free FRP bypass APKs are entirely safe and secure. On your Android device, you can utilize it without fear.

What is the best FRP bypass APK?

Quick Shortcut Maker:

You may use the QuickShortcutMaker to locate the software you’re looking for by putting its name into the search box.
If you’re attempting to use an application you don’t use often, it’s conceivable that you don’t have any shortcuts. Consequently, you may need to search for the application, among many others. Even if you know the app’s name, locating it may not be easy.

Google Account Manager:

Android smartphones will verify users using their Google accounts. The user must establish an account to use all the features effectively. Google account manager for Android will manage your Google account and provide you access to most of Google’s services. After launching the app, enter your password and Gmail address for verification, and then pick a verification method. Usually, you would use a single account for a single smartphone, but this program will add another account. You may add additional funds with passwords and then choose a verification method. This software will synchronize any accounts you set up on a smartphone using the Android operating system.

vnROM Bypass APK:

vnROM FRP Bypass Apk is a modest and straightforward Android application developed to unlock the Google Account lock on any Android phone without using a personal computer. If you are concerned about flashing or don’t want to utilize the FRP tool, Then the above simple method and Vnrom Net FRP Apk will help you to unlock your Google account lock effortlessly.


Alliance Shield X Apk is an Android application that offers the most advanced features and services for managing Android devices. It allows customers to control their Android smartphone and adjust it based on their mood and time.


What kind of Technocare APK did you get, and how does it work? The primary purpose of this program is Android 11, 12, and 13 Mobile’s FRP, which is to say that Google works to eliminate false accounts, and you can quickly erase your Android phone’s Google account with this application.

Development setting:

Development APK. Android users may use codes to unlock the development of personnel options, engineering mode, battery power, and background service management are also accessible for those who use Android devices.
You may also find your phone’s secret code on forums or other places and use this program to add and manage.

Hush SMS:

With the help of the Google account verification lock, the HushSMS software can overcome the FRP lock and send SMS messages. It uses certain sorts of encrypting and decrypting procedures to do the job.
More crucially, the message is sent securely to the recipient without revealing the sender’s identity because there is no record of the communication on the recipient’s end. Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh

Google Settings Shortcut:

The Google Settings Shortcut is compatible with all Android devices (requires Android 4.4 or later). Additionally, you may install and use this program on your computer using an Android emulator.

On which mobiles can you work the FRP bypass file?

This FRP Unlock File Application is compatible with all the latest Android phones, including the likes of Huawei and Nokia, as well as the likes of Tecno and Lava and Micromax and Lenovo and Hisense and Ulefone and Oppo and Realme and Xiaomi and Samsung and HTC and Motorola and ZTE and Coolpad and Infinix and Huawei.


What is Techeligible’s Bypass FRP Lock?

Techeligible developed ByPass Lock for Android handsets to assist users in unlocking their devices after Google FRP is activated. Smartphones can’t work until you get back into them, which is why this program is so helpful. While numerous similar FRP files are available on the market, such as Pangu FRP Bypass APK and UnlockUnit Intelligent Assistant, only a handful provide the breadth of functions this software offers.

How to disable Google Factory Reset Protection?

Android devices running Android OS 11, 12, 13, or higher include a security feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). This feature provides screen locks and data encryptions, among other things. FRP is enabled by default if an associated Google account is registered on the device. It will be disabled if the Google account is withdrawn from the device before the Factory Data Reset. Once active, the FRP will prohibit you from using your device after a Factory Data Reset in an untrusted environment. The FRP Lock will be activated if your smartphone was factory reset via a method other than Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset.

Did you install an FRP Bypass APK?

Install free vnROM Bypass APK files from your browser on your Android 12, 13 smartphones, or tablet.
Open your browser, select the APK file you want to download, and touch it; you should see it downloading on your device’s top bar.
When it’s finished downloading, go to Downloads, touch on the APK file, and select Yes when prompted.
The software will begin to download and install on your device. Simple.

How to bypass FRP Lock?

Using OTG to Bypass FRP
Download the FRP Bypass APK.
Locate the APK file and save it to a USB drive.
Using an OTG cable, connect your phone to the USB.
To find this APK file, go to the file manager.
To install that file, right-click it and select ‘Install.’
Once the installation procedure is completed, you can access your device’s ‘Settings menu.
Open the ‘Settings’
Choose ‘Backup and Reset.’ After that, choose ‘Factory Data’ and ‘Reset Device/ Erase Everything.’
Along with your Google account, the procedure above will remove your files, app data, settings, system and app data, and other data.
The final step is to reset your Android phone and utilize it first.

Without using an OTG cable, you can perform an FRP bypass.

Must turn on your device.
Follow the steps on the screen once you see a setup wizard.
Open your keyboard and press the ‘Settings’ key to see the FRP Bypass tool screen.
Select the ‘Menu’ option from the drop-down menu. After that, select “Help” and then “Feedback.”
Choose the ‘Share’ option after typing whatever you desire.
After selecting the messaging option, you’ll need to compose a new message and type any number in the “To” area.
Please select it and then click the contacts icon.
After that, you must click on the call icon and tap on the new call option. It would be best to type *#*#4636#*#* as soon as you detect the dial pad.
You must now press the return button after selecting the ‘usage statistics’ option.
Go to the ‘Settings menu now.

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