Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813

  • The Xiaomi Flash Tool is a simple, free application program to flash Xiaomi smartphones and tablets with custom firmware. It can perform device detection, anti-rollback protection, error logging, driver installation, and several other things. Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 is a tool of Xiaomi China and can support you in installing MIUI ROMs or recovering a bricked smartphone! Also, you can use Xiaomi Flash Tool to unlock the bootloader or gain root access.

What is the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool?

  1. Xiaomi Flash Tool is a program that assists users in flashing the stock firmware. This helpful software for installing MIUI software on Xiaomi smartphones and tablets is free to use. It helps users who have bricked their devices by installing third-party MODs or custom ROMs. Other factors may influence a device’s state.
  2. Flashing your phone is easy using Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool. It automates the stock ROM flashing operation by checking all files for security issues before starting the process. It improves Anti-Rollback, error reporting, driver installation, and device recognition.Xiaomi MI Flash Tool 20210813 Download - Official Tool

Features of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

  1. Installer and Portable:

  2. Xiaomi MiFlash Tool is available as an installer and a portable application, so you may use it on your computer or run it directly. Install the tool on your computer and launch it using XiaoMiFlash.exe.
  3. Inbuilt Drivers:

  4. Several USB drivers are pre-installed on the Xiaomi MiFlash Tool, including Google ADB Drivers, Microsoft MTP, RNDIS Driver, Nvidia, and Qualcomm USB Serial Drivers, among others. The Xiaomi Tool’s portable version may manually load drivers by selecting them from the Tool Driver Menu.
  5. Support Qualcomm Devices:

  6. It is compatible with Xiaomi devices that use Qualcomm chipsets. Xiaomi Flash Tool can recognize the connected device and prepare to flash the firmware once the Qualcomm Drivers have been installed on the PC.
  7. Multiple Flashing Options:

  8. It allows three-way flashing, including Flash All, Flash All except Storage, and Flash All except data and Storage. It also supports flashing in two directions. Unless you have a custom recovery partition, flashing the Fastboot (firmware) files on a Xiaomi device will always use this approach.

Download Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813

  1. The Xiaomi Flash Tool is in a zip file which must extract from the zip file. After removing the tool, you will obtain the final setup file (.exe). open the SamFirm Tool on your PC by running the Setup file (.exe)
    You can download the Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 version. Click on the server of your choice to pick up and download the tool.  Below are three buttons to download the Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 Tool.
  2. .
  3. File Name: MiFlash 20210813.zip
    Tool Size: 92MB
    Operating System: Windows
    How to Use: Follow Tutorial 
    How to Download: See Example

Below, we share a step-by-step guide to installing the tool and using it.

How To Install Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813

  1. 1. Download and extract Xiaomi Flash Tool on the PC.
  2. 2. You will find the following files after extracting the tool.
  3. 3. To continue, open MiPhone.exe and click Next.
  4. 4. Windows Security Dialog for installing Xiaomi Drivers will now appear. To continue, choose to Install this Driver Software.
  5. 5. The Xiaomi Flash Tool will now be installed on the PC.
  6. 6. You may either run the Xiaomi Flash Tool from the installation folder (C:> Program Files > Xiaomi > MiPhone > MiFlash.exe) or from the Windows Menu.

How To Use Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813

  1. 1. Install Xiaomi Flash Tool on the PC.
  2. 2. Extract the Stock Firmware (Fastboot firmware) on the PC.
  3. 3. Turn off your device.
  4. 4. To enter Fastboot Mode, hold Volume Down + Power for 8 seconds.
  5. 5. After entering Fastboot mode, you will see the screen below:
  6. 6. Connect the Xiaomi smartphone to the PC via USB.
  7. 7. Locate the Firmware using Xiaomi Flash Tool (that you have downloaded and extracted on the computer).
  8. 8. Click on Refresh. Activate the Xiaomi Flash Tool.
  9. 9. To start flashing, click the Flash Button.
  10. 10. The Xiaomi Flash Tool will show the Success Message after the flashing procedure.
  11. 11. Congratulations! Xiaomi Flash Tool should be closed and disconnected from the PC.

Is the Xiaomi Flash Tool for Mobile Phones available for free?

  1. Yes. Xiaomi officially provides the Xiaomi Flash Tool, and you do not have to pay anything to utilize it on your PCs. No upfront or in-app purchases are required to eliminate advertising or unlock extra features. In addition, there is no advertising in the show. It’s free and clean.

Is it safe to use the Xiaomi Flash Tool for Computer?

  1. Yes. The official Xiaomi Flash Tool is entirely secure for your PC, laptop, and mobile devices. There is no harmful code in the software, and it is suitable for users of all ages.

How often is the Xiaomi Flash Tool updated?

  1. Xiaomi does not have a set timetable or timeline for updating the Xiaomi Flash Tool. When necessary, updates Are given to iron out any problems and enhance performance. Xiaomi provides all updates.

Do you need an internet connection to use the Xiaomi Flash Tool?

  1. No, using Xiaomi Flash Tool for Mobile Phones on your computer/laptop does not necessitate an active internet connection.

Readme Once:

  • Virus Status: Before uploading the Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 to our site, We tested the virus with Kaspersky Antivirus.
  • Download USB Driver: Please visit our Download Section page to seek the latest Xiaomi USB Driver.
     Xiaomi Firmware: Go to the Samsung Firmware page if you’re looking for the official  Xiaomi Stock Firmware.
    Download the latest version of Xiaomi Flash Tool: The latest version of Xiaomi Flash Tool may be found in the Download Section.

Important Notes!

  • Bestflashfile.com is not responsible for any damage that happened to your device(s) while following this guide, so please proceed at your own risk. However, we would be pleased to assist with any issues within our capabilities.


  • If you find any of our files or tools are not working correctly on your mobile phone, contact us and tell us about your problem, we believe we can solve your problem as soon as possible. If you are looking for any firmware, Stock Rom, or flash tool not listed on this website, You can report it from the contact above. We will upload it to this site as soon as possible.

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